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Somewhere Lower 48,  Out of the Country
Somewhere Out There - Left no USA forwarding address
    Ballard, Freda  |  ----  |          Painting - Black & White sketches                           | Starbird Studio
    Cantor-Feller, Meredith  |  M C-F  |  Photo Studies/Digital "fiddling"                         |  Online
    Engelhard, Michael    |    Sample Work    |  Editor/Author  "Cold Flashes..",  "Wild Moments.."  |
    Foley, Jamie     |  ----  |          Painting - Charcoal, Pastels                                     |  ---------------
    Hewson, Robert  |  Sample Work  |  Metal Art/Paintings - Serigraphs                         | Chief Seattle Arts
    Houghton, Sandy    |   -----  |  Wrote:  'The Song of Mount Marathon'        |  Seward Museum
    Lehman, Matt    |  Matt L    |  Cartoonist / Writer: "McGee's Alaska!"        |  Online
    Toohey, Donna  |  Toohey  |  Pottery - Dishes, Plates/Platters/Pitchers, etc    |  Online, Annie Kaill's Art Gallery
    Wakefield, Chris  |  C Wakefield    |  Acrylic, Giclees               |   Starbird StudioArtic Rose Gallery, Scanlon Gallery
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             Massachusetts,  Michigan,
Minnesota,  Montana,  New Hampshire,  New Mexico New York North Carolina,  Ohio Oregon,  South Carolina,
Virginia,  Washington,  Washington DC
Arizona Top    -    End   
  Phoenix Eric Giliam Eric G        Stage - Magician Extrodinaire - Appearances in Phoenix area  |  See Schedule
  Phoenix Penatac, Edward Nugasaq Jr   |  Sample Work  |  Painting - Woodcut/Woodblock Print  |  Online, Smithsonian
  Prescott Tracy, Kristy Kristy T Painting with Acrylics      |  Online
  Sun City Wagner, Dave D Wagner Photos & Painting - Pastels/Oils       |  Online
Arkansas Top    -    End   
  Russellville Boyd, Terry Terry B Photography: May thru Sept in Cantwell    |  Online, Gallery 49
California Top    -    End   
  Berkeley Brooks, Susan S Brooks Jewelry & Painting - Metal arts Alaska House Gallery
  Truckee Carmel, Elizabeth E Carmel  | Photographer - Fine Art Prints | Online, Carmel Gall'y, Mags: Outdoor Photo, People, Sunset
  Truckee Carmel, Olof O Carmel  |  Photographer - Fine Art Prints     | Online, Carmel Gallery, Picture This
  Santa Cruz Corona, Michael J Michael C     |  Paint - Oils, Acrylics    |  Online, Fish House Corner, inside Edgewater Hotel
  San Francisco D'Agostino, Mary Ellin  |  ME D'A Jewelry - Metal Clay               |  Online
  Los Angeles Earl, Kate Kate E Soul Singer/Songwriter                 |  Online, on Twitter
  San Francisco Hong, Zoe Zoe Hong Maker - Fashion Designer  |  Online, EVA NY
  --- Horton, Roberta R Horton Fiber: Art Quilts                        | Online
  San Francisco Iyall, Debora Debora Singer/Lyricist                              |  Online
  Oxnard La Mascus, Stacy Stacy LM Photojournalist - summers in Juneau
  San Francisco Larson, Dean M Dean L Painting: Oils, Still Life/Scenic    |  Online
  Monterey Liliedahl, Hanni Sample Work Jewelry                        |  Online at Lilify, Annie Kaill's
  Newbury Park McCloud, Scott McCloud Cartoons/Graphic Novels & Writer: "Understanding Comics"   |  Online
  Rohnert Park McIntyre, Chuna ---- Paint/Stitch - Watercolor & Bead Yup'ik Beaded Headdress
  Nevada City Newman, Velda Velda N               Maker:  Fiber - Art Quilts        |  Online
  Northern Part Sloat, Teri Sloat     |  Painting/Writing: Children's Books, Illustrator, Multi-Media Artist  |  Barnes & Noble
  San Francisco Vann, David D Vann Writer "Legend of a Suicide"    |, Barnes & Noble
  San ' Obispo    Veldkamp, Deborah   Deborah  |   Plein Air Oil Painter, Sketches, Watercolors  | AKs Contemporary Art Bank
  Los Olivos Yaki, Nancy N Yaki Painting: Watercolor/Mixed Media  |   SeaLion, Gustavus, Art Shop Galleries
Colorado Top    -    End   
  Palisades Brabec-King, Cindy Cindy B-K   Watercolor painter - Eclectic subjects       |  Online
  Nederland Chancy, Stevo Stevo C Performance Artist: paint live on stage while various bands play  |  Online
  Colo Springs Claar, Nard Nard C W'color/Collage/Acrylic/Oil/Pastel/Encaustic Online, Sevigny Studio
  Leadville Emerling, Jennifer Jennifer E Photojournalist - summers in Juneau Online
  Pagosa Springs Hudson, Bill    |  Bill H  |  Painter: Acrylics/Prints/collages/Graphic Designs  Writer: Pagosa Springs Daily News
  Denver Hudson, Kahlil Kahlil H Stage: Film Producer/Director/Cinematographer    |  Look online for Showings
  Durango Hudson, Ursala    |  Ursala H  |  Painter:  Multi-color Block Prints, Graphic Designs        |  Online
  Boulder Hults, Sharon Sample Painting - Watercolor Artique, Gallery East
  Colo Springs Kennedy, Reveille  |  Reveille Painter:  Oils/Acrylics/Watercolor Online
  Littleton Simasko, Don "Dono"  |  Don S  |  Painter - Oils/Acrylics Garage Gallery
  Colo Springs Suiter, Sheary Clough  |  backdoor  |  Painter - Encaustic/Watercolors/Acrylics    |  Stephens Fine Arts
  Cañon City Widom, Dianne D Widom Painting - Watercolor/Acrylics/Inks Picture Alaska, Widom Art Gallery
Florida Top    -    End   
  Pt Orange Albee, Timothy T Albee Oils on Canvas & Animated Cartoons    |  Online
  Jensen Beach Huong, Anna Huong Oils - Murals, Studies of War & Peace, Studies of Kodiak Life  |  North Exposure Gallery
  Osprey Seerey-Lester, John Seerey-Lester Painting - Oils The Gallery, Scanlon Gallery
  Sanibel Wallen, R.T. "Skip" Sample Work Stone Lithographs & Bronze Statues Urban Eskimo
Georgia Top    -    End   
  Atlanta Longobardi, Pam Pam L Lectures: global marine debris & multi-media art installations, wall hangings
  Conyers Strutko, Mark Mark S Painting - Alaskan Pen & Ink Prints     | Online
Hawaii Top    -    End   
  Maui Brown, Robin Sample Work MultiMedia Painting & Shell Jewelry
  Kilauea Clark, Tomilyn Tomilyn C Fused Glass                     |  Online
  Honolulu Lo, Brian Chih-Chiang BCLO Painting - Oils, Pastels, Graphite   |  Online
  Hilo Wallace, Denise & Samuel   Wallace Jewelry - Chugach Aleut Inspired     |  Online
  Maui Young, Jeanne  |  Jeanne Y  |  Painting Oils People/Places/Things   | Online, Alaska Gallery, Aurora Fine Arts, Picture Alaska
Idaho Top    -    End   
  Moyie Spngs Choate, Jill    |  J Choate   |  Baskets, Trays  |  AK Fur Ex, Town Square Gallery, Talkeetna Gifts
  Moscow Leffingwell, Jeanne   Paint/Etc - MixMedia Anchorage Walk (BEADED SKY CURTAIN)
  Meridian Elton, Naomi Naomi E Painting - Watercolors Online
  Hailey Grogan, Robert R Grogan Painting - Oils Online
  Boise Heathcock, Alan Alan H Writer: Short Stories/Book "Volt"      |, Barnes & Noble
  Hayden Lake Kincaid, Mike       |  Kincaid  |   Writer:  Alaska Troopers Adventures - Real & Fiction  |  Online,
  Boise McNeil, Larry McNeil Photography Sealaska Heritage
  McCall Richards, Gail G Richards Painting -Acrylics Online
Illinois Top    -    End   
  Chicago Baker, Wesley R. W R Baker Painting - Oils   - Motorcycles As Art
  Third Lake Eklow, Robbi Joy R J Eklow Fiber Artist: Art Quilts      |  Online
  Kansas City Curtis, Steve S Curtis Photographer/digital art Steven E Curtis Photography
  New Orleans Chang, Candy Candy C Maker: Making cities more Emotional/Humane/Connected  |  Worldwide
  Blue Hill Harris, Marty Marty H Photography                     Online
  Saco      |  Morgan, Lael  |  Lael M  |  Writer - "Art and Eskimo Power", The Ray Mala Story  |,
  Portland Murray, Michael J. Michael M Landscapes / Wildlife - from Juneau             Online
  Raymond Lybrand, Karen Karen L W'color/Gouache/Pastel/Acrylic/Oils - Block/Relief Prints   |  Online
  Phillips Warkentin, Nelda Nelda W Maker:  Fiber Art Quilts Online, Artique
Massachusetts Top    -    End   
  Cape Cod Bradfield, Elizabeth Liz B Writer -Poetry Online,
  Jamaica Plain Dodson, Donna Donna D Carver: Hybrid Female-Animal Forms   Online, blue.hollomon
  Amherst Edwards, Loni Edwards Acrylic/Watercolors/Ink - DigitalArt/Cartoon/Illustrator  |  Online
  Woods Hole Newbury, Ann  |  Ann N  |  Pottery - Functional/Comfortable Home Ware  |  Online, PortofCall, Ann's Studios
  Boston Silvers, Robert R Silvers Photography:  Photomosaic Russeck Gallery
Michigan Top    -    End   
  ------- Engle, Nita Sample Work    Painting - Watercolors Scanlon Gallery
  Brighton Zagotta, Donna Donna Z Painting - Watercolors Online
Minnesota Top    -    End   
  Minneapolis   Bongiovanni, Anna Anna B Cartoonist                      |  Online
  ---- Hartzell, Annette Sample Work Painting - Oils, Prints - I find Prints offered for Sale  |  Art By ASI
  ---- Krasemann, Stephen J Stephen K Painting - Oils/Giclees  |  Online, Kess Gallery, Bare Bones, Artique
  ---- Von Ohlen, Nick Von Ohlen Photography - Wildlife: Birds/Whales/Fox etc.  |  Online
Montana Top    -    End   
  Bozeman Bova, Ken K Bova Experimental Jewelry      |  Smithsonian American Art Museum
  Missoula Colvert, Ian Ian C Cartoonist/Writer (CLOSER TO THE FOOD CHAIN)    |  Online
  Billings Eaton, Elliot E Elliot Painting - Oils/Acrylics/W'color Online, Sherritt Fine Art, Eaton Gallery
  Bozeman Fish, Vicki V Fish Multimedia  Collages         | Artist's Eye Gallery, A Horse of a Different Color
  Missoula Greer, Cheri Govertsen CG Greer Painting/Sculpture - oil/acrylics Taku Graphics
  ------- Hiner, Sharon S Hiner Painting - Oils/Acrylics/W'color  
  Whitefish Lydon, Barbara Barbara L Hand Built/Thrown & Altered Ceramics   |  Girdwood Center  (Summers)
  Bozeman Myers, Darla Darla M Painting - Acrylics/Encaustics/Oils        |  Online
  Bozeman Parrish, Richard R Parrish Glass strands for fiber-like textures: Tapestries/Trays/Bowls  |  Online, Fusio
  ------- Smith, Daniel D Smith Painting - Oils The Gallery
  Bozeman Switzer, Francis F Switzer Painting - Oils Online, Artique Ltd., Dana Gallery
New Hampshire Top    -    End   
  Bow Moerlein, Andy A Moerlein Sculpture:  Small & Large Works      |  Online
New Mexico Top    -    End   
  Taos DeYoung, Michael M DeYoung Stock/Assignment Photos Summer Workshops in Anchorage  |  Online
Nevada Top    -    End   
  Minden Randall, Sharon S Randall Pottery - Summers in Girdwood Studio Copper Kiln, GVCA, Artisan Cafe/Gifts
New York Top    -    End   
  Brooklyn Akan, Osman Osmanakan Sculpture "Fragmenta" Online, State Crime Lab
  New York Arima, Sono Sample Work Painting: Acrylics Online
  Brooklyn Izaki, Yasunari Sample Work Wood and Metal Sculptures -----
  East Hampton King, William W King Sculpture Anchorage Walk (QUARTET)
  Syracuse MacDonald, David David Mac Potter:  Plates & Bowls    |  Online, Eureka Crafts, Chameleon Gallery
  New York MacLean, Andrew OnTheIce Iñupiaq Film Director/ Writer        | Online
  Setauket Mundy, Rick R Mundy Painting --Watercolors   Online
  Bronx Nadelstern, Paula Paula N Fiber: Art Quilts Online
  Brooklyn Reid, Elwood R Elwood "If I Don't Six", "What Salmon Know"  |,
  ---- Smelcer, John    |  John S  |  Writer - Alaskan Historical Fiction/ Motivational Speaker    Online,
  Pittsford Taylor, Carol Carol T Maker:  Fiber - Art Quilts                      |  Online
  ---- Waggoner, Sydnee Sydnee W Opera Soprano/Student Masters/Manhattan School  |  Online Schedule
  New York Wallin, Harold Nels    Sample Work Painting -- Oils & Mixed Media    |  Valdez & Alaska State Museums
North Carolina Top    -    End   
  Winston-Salem  |  Bennett, David & Veronica  |  Bennett's  |  Glass - Mixed Media Sculpt/Beads    |  Online
  Vale  |  Chandonnet, Ann Fox  | Short Bio  |  New Non-fiction "A KNOT OF RELATIONS: HENRY, ELIZA, ANDREW AND GUSTAVUS"  |  Barnes&Noble
  Raleigh Savage, Patricia Patricia S Pastel/Watercolor/Oil    Flowers/ Landscapes Online
  Stanford Rhea, Jeanne Jeanne R  Painting MultiMedia Alcohol/Inks/Various Clay types Online, Gallery on Lake
Ohio Top    -    End   
  Reynoldsburg Pignatelli, Vikki Vikki P Fiber: Art Quilts                                             | Online
  Wooster Shie, Susan "Lucky"  |  S Shie Maker: Fiber - Art Quilts                               | Online
  Reynoldsburg Torsen, Nancy Nancy T MultiMedia - Art Trading Cards/Post Cards   |  Online
  Reynoldsburg Torsen, Ron Ron T Carver of wooden Boats/Masks     |  Online, Alutiiq Museum
Oklahoma Top    -    End   
  Bixby Phelps, Steve Steve P Cartoonist, Illustrator  Cartoon Strips & Writer             |  Online
Oregon Top    -    End   
  Seaside Anderson, Jordan Jordan A Carver: Chain Saw Art  - Summers at Mile 100 Swd Hwy    |  Online
  Bend Beeson-Straw, Heather  |  Nashelle  |  Nashelle Jewelry made to order        |  Online, Annie Kaill's
McMinnville Boyles, Dee Sample Work Oils en Plein air Online
  ------ Carnahan, Charles Carnahan Ivory/Stone/Bone/Wood  |  Alaska Trading Co, Raven Eagle Gifts, Ivory Jacks
  Gresham Curtis, Jan J Curtis Cold weather/Aurora Photos - Scenic           |  Online
  Portland Desmond, Jessie Jessie D Playwright/ Visual Artist Online
  Portland Erinn, Kathryn K Erinn Painting:  Mixed Media/ Collages         |  Online
  Mosier Higgins, Arthur A Higgins Paint/Metal - Oils, Sculptures Indian Ed. School-Sitka, Women's Jail-Eagle River
  Oak Grove  |  Huffman, Sharron Sharron H Paint: Nature prints/Encaustics  | Online, Exploration Gallery, Herring Cove Origs
  Lk Oswego Johnston, Ann Ann J Fiber: Art Quilts   Online
  Bend Kaptur, Michelle Michelle K Blown Art Glass                        |  Online
  Portland Malin, Edward Sample Work  "Northwest Coast Indian Painting"  Hearthside, Borders, Barnes & Noble,
  ---- Maury, Ashley Ashley M Jewelry/Metalsmith         |  Summers at  Halibut Cove Gallery
  Corvallis McCambridge, Mark  |  Mark M   |  Photographer - work in progress: Faces of America  |  Online
  Medford Morris, Judy    |  J Morris  |  Watercolors/ 'How To' books    |  Online, Hanson Howard, Rogue Gallery, Guest House
  Portland Portugal. The Man Portugal. indie Rock Band originally from Wasilla, AK     |
  Rogue Val Schemanski,  Olivia 'Livvy'  |  Livvy  |  She was raised in South Central Alaska, uses Oils - variety of subjects
  Ashland Sivertsen, Leif & Eric  |  ---- Brothers:  Ceramic & Pottery         |  Ashland Art Center
  Eugene Snodgrass, Bob Bob S Glassblowing Specialty:  Hand Blown Marbles      |  Online
  L Oswego Spencer, Deborah Spencer Jewelry/Metalsmith         |  Summers at  Halibut Cove Gallery
  Portland Stugart, James James S Sculptor:  Ice w/chainsaw, MultiMedia  |  Online, Winter Ice Festivals
  ---- Susie SDS Paint/Metal - Oils, Sculpt,  Dolls,  Toleware |    Online
Pennsylvania Top    -    End   
  Perkasie Heller, Robin Article World's only Eskimo comic strip "Mukluk and Honisukle" ----
Rhode Island Top    -    End   
  Providence Johnson, Acacia Acacia J Nature/Expeditions/Portraits Online
South Carolina Top    -    End   
  Ridgeland Oliver, Colette Colette Pottery:  Imaginative & Useful                  |  Online
South Dakota Top    -    End   
Tennessee Top    -    End   
  Nashville Bacon, Steven S & K Music - Singer Songwriter / Multi Instrumentalist Online
  Nashville Kinsey, Kendra    |  S & K  |  Paint - Collages  ::  Music -  Sing/Uke/Guitar/Mandolin Online
  Gatlinburg Vagner, Nola Michelle Mullan Sample Work Stitchery/Glass - Beaded Pouches, Fused Glass Beads Alutiiq Museum
Texas Top    -    End   
  Austin Elkin, Carrie C Elkin Musician:  Singer/ Guitarist,, Barnes & Noble
  Dickinson England, Cynthia    Cynthia E Fiber: Scenic Art Quilts Online
  Stephenville Kilcher, Jewel Jewel Singer/ Guitarist/ Writer, online, Borders
  Dallas Mangus, Don Sample Work Writer - Heritage Auction Galleries comic & illustration art expert | ---
  Galveston McDonald, David  |  David Mc Photographer:  Lafitte's Cove, Galveston's Birds         |  Online
  Kaufman Shannon, Danny D Shannon Glass:  Stained Windows/Stepping Stones etc    |  Online
  San Antonio Slavin, Ken Ken S Jazz Crooner, hometown is Homer           |  check online Calendar
  Houston Stahl, Timothy Hawes  |  TH Stahl  |   Black & White Landscape/Aerial photography    |  Online
  Mission Tunseth, Dee Dee T Painting: Watercolors Online
Utah Top    -    End   
  Cedar City Harris, John J Harris In The Wings Photography - photos on stage & behind the scenes  |  Online
  Liberty Poon, John J Poon Painting: Oils, Plein Air Oils Online, Sherritt Fine Art
Vermont Top    -    End   
  Dorset Pitcher, John J Pitcher Animals a Specialty      |  Online, Anchorage Museum, Gallery On The Marsh
  Dorset Westin, Sue S Westin Oils/Watercolors                      |  Online, Gallery On The Marsh
Virginia Top    -    End   
  ---- Beaver, Donna D Beaver Poet/Photographer/Collage/Filmmaker           Online
  Annandale Magiafas, Lambros & Jayne  |  Lambros  |  Jewelry: Gold/  Hand Cut Gemstones (Seasonal)  |  Online, Lambros
  --- Mudrick, David David M Cartoonist & Writer "Too Far North"      |  Online
  Alexandria Sturgis, Leah Leah S Jewelry:  Stone, SSilver       Online, Annie Kaill's, Ptarmigan, 2 Friends
Washington Top    -    End   
  Seattle Aadsen, Tele      | T Aadsen  |  Writer - nonfiction, essays, memoir, blog  (Summers in Sitka Commercial Fishing)
  Marysville Adams, Yukie    |  Sample Work  |  Paint/Carve - Panels/Prints  |  Stonington, Anchor Musm, Raven Eagle Gifts, Fish Creek
  Seattle Area Ahvakana, Lawrence Ulaaq  |  Ulaaq  |  Sculptor: Glass/ Wood/ Stone/ Ivory/ Bronze  |  UAF, AK Native Arts, AK House NY
  Kent Anderson, Rebecca Grace  |  Becca  |  Glass: Lampworked Bead Jewelry    |  Online
  Issaquah Baker, Gail Gail B Paint/Carver:  Mask maker & multi-media artist  |  Online
  Olalla Bougher, Quinn Quinn B Wood fired/functional Olalla Valley Pottery
  Kingston  |  Boxley, David Albert  |  DA Boxley  |  Tsimpshian Carver/Culture Bearer  |  Online, Quintana, Fish Creek, Steinbrueck
  Kingston Boxley, David Robert  | DR Boxley Tsimpshian Carver  Painter: Acrylics  |  Stonington, Steinbrueck
  Seattle Brackney, Janie J Brackney Maker/Painter: Pen/Ink/Fiber      |  Online
  Vancouver Bucknam, Bonnie M   Bonnie B Maker - Fiber Art Online
  Spokane Cole, Melissa M Cole Painting - Oils, MixMedia Stephan Fine Arts
  ---- Dayton, Jenny Jenny D  |  Painting - Acrylics/Oils/Charcoals/Colored Pencils  | Online, Alaska Gallery
  Seattle Daughhetee, Mark Mark D Paint/Photo/Sculpt Well St Art, UAF Museum
  Olympia Era, Vickie    |  Sample Work  |  Weaver: Baskets: Red/Yellow Cedar bark/Spruce Root/Beach Rye/Salmon skin/Fern/Porcupine quills/beads
  Seattle Ford, Kristin K Ford  |  semi-precious stones, sterling silver, 14k gold or 14k gold filled  |  Online, Annie Kaills
  Pt Townsend Gilmore, Katy Katy G Painter:  Watercolors    |  Online, Artique, Vamp & Tramp, Bainbridge Arts/Craft
  Kingston Git Hoan Git Hoan Tsimpshian dance group, performs around the globe  |  Online Schedule
  Olympia Greening, Ruth Ruth G Jewelry - Metal Clay Online
  Vashon Isle Hancock, Gretchen Gretchen H Painting - Acrylics/Oils Online
  Everett Herem, Barry B Herem Jewelry/Sculpture - Metal Taku Gallery, Scanlon Gallery, Peddler's Pack
  Bellingham Hudson, Arlene Sample Work Carver - wood murals Scanlon Gallery
  Bellingham Hudson, Doug Sample Work Painting - Rosemaler /tole Scanlon Gallery
  ---- Kidder, Ken  |  Sample Work  |  Carver - NW Native Replicas: Abalone/Baleen Rattles, Masks, Tools  |  SeaAlaska, Left Bank
  Nisqually Knight, Carla Rae CR Knight Painting - Traditional Alutiiq Computer Graphics/Designs  |  Online
  Vancouver Larson, MaryJane Parr  |  MJ Larson Transparent Watercolor, Realism  |  Online, Wild Celery, Art on Blvd
  Anacortes Learmonth, Art Sample Work Wood Carver/Turner Online, Exploration Gallery
  ----- Lee, Eddie Sample Work Carver Bone/Ivory  |  AK Trading, Corrington, Millstream, NW Tribal, Rus/Amer Co
  Vashon Isle Lonning, Odin O Lonning Carver/Jewelry - Silversmith/mask |  SeaAlaska, Raven Eagle Gifts, NorthW. Tribal
  Seattle Macheras, Dimi Macheras Illustrator/Cartoonist           |  Online
  Tacoma McLaughlin, Kelly Link Musician,, guitar
  Everson McWilliams, Gary Gary M Sculptor: multi-colored marble/exotics  |  Stone Arts of Alaska
  ---- Morgan, Lezli F. Lezli M Painting:  Oils     |  Online, Alaska State, Anchorage & Frye Art Museums
  Seattle    |  New Old Time Chautauqua  |  Chautauqua  |  Vaudeville Troops, Entertain & Educate      |  Online information
  Bellingham O'Keefe, Monica Monica O'K Painting: Acrylics/Gouache/Watercolors/Colored Pencil    |  Online
  Poulsbo Pasco, Duane  |  Pasco  |  Carver:  Masks/Hats/Helmets/Totems   |  Stonington Gallery, Disney World - 54'Wilderness Lodge Pole
  Gig Harbor Peratrovich, Roy Peratrovich Bronze Sculptures, Metalworks          Online, Bluewater Gallery
  Pt Angeles Peterson, Gary Sample Work Painting - Alkyd paints Sandstone Creations, Angoon Trade, Taku
  Edmonds Reagan, Michael G. M Reagan Painting - Oils, Sketches Fallen Hero's Program
  ---- Rudolph-Dore, Myra  |  Sample Work  |  Jewelry - Beader                      |  SeaAlaska Heritage
  Vashon Isle Shotridge, Israel Shotridge Tlingit Prints, Carver Online, Angoon Trade, Fish Creek Co
  Seattle Simpson, Buster Buster S   |  Maker: Original Installations  | Online, Anchorage: next to Ship Creek's Bridge R'st'rant
  Seattle Singletary, Preston Preston S Tlingit Glass Blower  |  AK Msm, Spirit Wrestlers, Blue Rain, Vetri
  Bellingham Smith, Christine  |  C Smith  |  Writer:  Rebuilding 1929 M/V David B      |  Online,, Barnes&Noble
  Seattle Stonington, Nancy Taylor  |  Stonington  |  Paint/Etc - MixMedia  |  Anchorage Walk, Stonington Gallery, Stephan Fine Art
  Pt Townsend Storm, Skip Sample Work Haida Carver - Candle Sticks/Combs/Wall Plaques  | Pacific Traditions
  Seattle Stream, Thomas T Stream  | Aleutian Painter: Multi Mediums  |  Online, Stonington, Lynch/Kennedy, Arctic Spirit
  Everett Telford, Lisa Sample Work Haida Cedar Bark Weaver Baskets/Garments  |  Coastal Peoples, Smithsonian
  Seattle Trammell, Jeremiah Sample Work Illustrator, Barnes&Noble
  Woodinville Tripp, Courtney  |  Courtney  |  Jewelry- Ivory/Silver/Vintage Ebony/Found/Recycled Materials  |  Online, Fish Creek Co, Ivory Jacks
  Woodway Usibelli, Michele M Usibelli Painting - Oils  Artique Ltd
  Vancouver Serebryanskiy, Vitaliy M.  |  VMS  | Writer: Childrens Activity Books  |  Online,, Barnes & Noble
  ---- Wodehouse, Russell   |  About  |  Composes/Performs/Ramrods?  - Ratfish Wranglers  |,, Soho Coho
Washington DC Top    -    End   
  --- Suderman, Karen Sample Work Painting - Acrylics Annie Kaill's Gallery
Wisconsin Top    -    End   
  Neenah Richeson, Michelle Michelle R Painting - Acrylics/Oils/Pastels Online, Richeson School of Art & Gallery
Wyoming Top    -    End   
  ----- Carter, Stephen R. Sample Work Essays, Editor, Critic, Book:  "What of The Night"  |
Out of the Country - Visitors & Alaskans
Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey
Argentina Top    -    End   
  Buenos Aires Marrari, Enzina Sample Wearable Art/Paint/Draw/Fiber Arts/Sculpture       |  ----
Australia Top    -    End   
  Agnes Water Green, Marie Marie G Painting: Oils  |  Online, Town Square, MetLife, Creative Regions, Madonna's
Belgium Top    -    End   
  ---------- Brenders, Carl Sample Work Painting The Gallery, Scanlon Gallery
Canada Top    -    End   
  Vancouver Dangeli, Michael   Michael D  | Paint/Carver:  Boxes, Drums, Masks, Prints  |  Online, AK Native Art, Lattimer Gallery, UAF
  BC Davidson, Reg Reg D Carver: Totems/Masks/Helmets/drums Silver & Gold jewelry  |  Online
  White Rock Davidson, Robert Guud San Glans  |  Robert D  |  Carver: Totem Poles/ Masks  |  Online, Spirit Wrestler Gallery
  Ontario Haist, Diann D Haist Painting - Oils/Acrylics
  Whitehorse Ferland, Carlie Sample Work Beaded Jewelry - Carlie Beads      |  Annie Kaill's Gallery, Taku Gallery
  Vancouver Grant, Dorothy Grant Haida-based Designs in Wearable Art    |  Online
  Whitehorse Parenteau, Nathalie N Parenteau Painting  |  Annie Kaill's, Stephan's Arts, Scanlon Gallery, Chilkat Valley Arts
  ---- Ruben, Abraham Anghik A Ruben Carver - figures Mayberry Fine Art, Hambleton Galleries
  BC Samuel, Cheryl Cheryl S Weaver - She Revived Ravenstail weaving & Chilkat  |  Online, Spirit Wrestler
  BC Sell, Jan & Mike Jan/Mike Potter:  Ocean Pottery - Sea Shells!  |  Mussels & More, The Point
  BC Weeden, Judy Judy W Potter:  Wonderful pots!                      |  Online, Judy Weeden Studio
  Montreal Wight, Nancie J NJ Wight Photographer:  Wonderful  Wildlife Photos    |  Online
Costa Ricaa Top    -    End   
  ---- Switzer, Scott S Switzer Painting - Oils            |  Artique Ltd., Mockingbird Gallery, Dana Gallery
Germany Top    -    End   
  Hannover Li, Christine Harada Sample Musician - Viola, Violin, Piano   Classical/Chamber
Indonesia Top    -    End   
  ----- Turnbull, Rozi R Turnbull Painting/Pottery - Acrylics, Watercolors, MixedMedia Ceramics
Italy Top    -    End   
  Venice Genaux, Vivica Vivica G     |  Fairbanks-born Mezzo-Soprano - Int'l Opera    |  Check her Schedule Online
Japan Top    -    End   
  Hiroshima Koretsune, Sakura Sakura K MixedMedia:  2010 Internship: Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
  --- Oshima, Hana Lee Article Musician:   Koto/Piano/Voice  |  2010 Ketchikan First City Players
Netherlands Top    -    End   
  Bilthoven van Dijken, Anne-Marijke AMvD Sculptures/Paintings/Ceramics    |  Online
Mexico Top    -    End   
  Todos Santos Freeman, Karla Karla F Oils/Mixed Media              |  Online, Pratt, Bunnell St
Turkey Top    -    End   
  --- Didrickson, Jno Jno D Painting/Carver - Traditional Tlingit Bowls, Tools, Masks, Screens
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